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MS02-Design Thinking Mastery

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About Course

Design Thinking Mastery for Startup Founders

In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of startups, innovation is not just a buzzword but a fundamental necessity. “Design Thinking Mastery for Startup Founders,” a course offered by Gravity Academy and taught by the innovative Ir Prof Alan Lam, addresses this necessity head-on. This course is tailored to imbue startup founders with a deep understanding of the design thinking process, empowering them to solve complex problems creatively and put customer needs at the heart of product development.


Course Overview

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. This course provides an immersive exploration into the five stages of design thinking: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. It is an interactive learning experience that equips founders with the mindset and tools necessary to lead their startups through innovative leaps and bounds.


The Curriculum

The course is meticulously crafted to guide founders through each aspect of design thinking:

  1. Introduction to Design Thinking
  2. Empathy: The Heart of Design Thinking
  3. Problem Definition: Framing and Reframing
  4. Ideation: Creative Solution Generation
  5. Prototyping: Making Ideas Tangible
  6. Testing: Learning through Feedback
  7. Implementing Design Thinking in Your Startup
  8. User-Centric Product Development
  9. Design Thinking for Business Model Innovation
  10. Storytelling and Pitching with Design Thinking
  11. Sustainable Design Thinking
  12. The Future of Design Thinking in Startups


The Instructor: Ir Prof Alan Lam

Ir Prof Alan Lam is a distinguished figure in the startup ecosystem, with a track record of successfully incorporating design thinking principles into his entrepreneurial ventures. His expertise in this area is not just academic; it is drawn from real-world applications and successes. Prof. Lam’s engaging teaching style is highly interactive and participatory, ensuring that founders not only learn the theory behind design thinking but also how to apply it in the real world.


Why Choose This Course

“Design Thinking Mastery for Startup Founders” is essential for any entrepreneur who understands that the user experience is paramount to the success of any product or service. This course will challenge you to think differently, to look beyond the obvious, and to innovate in ways that truly meet customer needs.

By choosing this course, founders will:

  • Gain a profound understanding of the design thinking process from a seasoned practitioner.
  • Learn practical tools and techniques that can be applied immediately to their startups.
  • Develop a customer-centric approach to product and service design that will differentiate their offerings in the marketplace.

Enroll in “Design Thinking Mastery for Startup Founders” at Gravity Academy, and begin the journey to mastering a methodology that has shaped some of the most successful and innovative companies in the world. With the expert guidance of Ir Prof Alan Lam, you will not just learn about design thinking — you will live and lead it within your startup.

What Will You Learn?

  • By choosing this course, founders will:
  • - Gain a profound understanding of the design thinking process from a seasoned practitioner.
  • - Learn practical tools and techniques that can be applied immediately to their startups.
  • - Develop a customer-centric approach to product and service design that will differentiate their offerings in the marketplace.

Course Content

In the fast-paced and competitive world of startups, founders are constantly seeking innovative methods to carve out a niche for their businesses. "Design Thinking Mastery for Startup Founders" is a comprehensive guide that equips entrepreneurial minds with a powerful framework for problem-solving and innovation. This book demystifies the concept of Design Thinking—a human-centered approach to developing products, services, and experiences that resonate with users.Starting with an introductory chapter that lays the foundation for what Design Thinking entails, the book quickly delves into its core principles. Chapter 2, "Empathy: The Heart of Design Thinking," emphasizes the importance of understanding the user's needs and experiences. Subsequent chapters guide the reader through the iterative Design Thinking process, from "Problem Definition: Framing and Reframing" to "Ideation: Creative Solution Generation," then "Prototyping: Making Ideas Tangible," and "Testing: Learning through Feedback." Each stage is presented with actionable steps and strategies tailored to the unique environment of startups.Further chapters focus on the practical application of Design Thinking in the startup journey. Chapter 7 discusses the integration of Design Thinking into the startup culture, while Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 expand on creating user-centric products and innovating business models, respectively. Chapter 10 explores how storytelling and pitching can be enhanced through Design Thinking, providing founders with a compelling way to engage investors and stakeholders.In Chapter 11, the book takes a forward-thinking approach, addressing the critical aspect of sustainability in Design Thinking practices. Finally, Chapter 12 offers insights into the future of Design Thinking in the startup ecosystem, preparing founders to not only adapt to the current landscape but also to shape it."Design Thinking Mastery for Startup Founders" serves as both an introduction for newcomers and a deep dive for seasoned entrepreneurs. It provides the tools and mindset necessary to foster a culture of innovation, create meaningful products, and achieve success in the startup world.

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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1 month ago
I learnt this systematic way to improve communication for implementation of successful path from business winners. Such mindset isn't only for R&D purpose, but also help anyone who want to measure progress of a task. And avoid frustration from lost of directions.
1 month ago
It's a really helpful course which can help me combine design thinking into daily work flow. In addition, it also fully taught me how to stimulate my thinking and make every step traceable.
1 month ago
In our daily lives, we often unintentionally apply design thinking, and this course has been instrumental in providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the various steps and details of design thinking. It has been helpful in improving our daily communication and interactions with others. Additionally, the interactive nature of the class has been highly engaging.
1 month ago
The course content was captivating, with intriguing case studies and thought-provoking discussions that really grabbed my attention. It deepened my understanding and left me feeling inspired to integrate design thinking into my work, igniting creativity and innovation. Thanks :) !
1 month ago
The course incredibly valuable ! The curriculum was well-structured, offering a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. The instructors were knowledgeable and approachable, always ready to clarify doubts and provide insights. This course has significantly enhanced my understanding of system design patterns, which are crucial in my field. The interactive sessions and real-world case studies made the learning process engaging and very practical. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their expertise in system design. A well-deserved 5-star rating!
1 month ago
this course helped me think in a better way
1 month ago
The Design Thinking course was helpful. It was full of explicit, easy-to-follow content that made me think differently. I learned much about design thinking and am ready to use these skills. Recommend this course to everyone!
1 month ago
This Design Thinking course is really practical. It explains the design thinking process step by step and is very easy to follow. During this course, I learned about many examples of design thinking through various interesting videos. It's definitely a recommendation to join this course if you are considering upgrading your game in the design thinking process.
1 month ago
The course was engaging and interactive. During the class, Alan interacted with us and used questions to enhance our memory retention. Moreover, the course incorporated our company’s context to make it easier for us to relate and apply Design Thinking principles. This course deepened my understanding of what Design Thinking is. Often, we might be using these principles without realizing it. After completing this course, I know how to better apply Design Thinking in both my professional and personal life. It's a worthwhile course to attend.
1 month ago
Vivid explanations were given to the knowledge points based on real-life examples; During the process, the key points were repeatedly emphasized, highlighting the key points and making a deeper impression.
1 month ago
This course exceeded my expectations! The content was insightful, well-organized, and delivered with great clarity. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
1 month ago
the course is great.
2 months ago
The course has been highly beneficial to me. It has provided a clear understanding of the concept of "design thinking." The assignments have been particularly helpful in enhancing my comprehension of the related knowledge.
2 months ago
I found the Design Thinking course to be incredibly insightful and valuable. The content was not only informative but also very practical, making it easy to apply the concepts to real-world scenarios. This course has enhanced my understanding and skills in design thinking. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their approach to creative problem solving!
2 months ago
The course is great and helpful